Amazing tender Artificial Intelligence story !


2 responses to “Amazing tender Artificial Intelligence story !

  1. Hi Fernando, a very poignant clip !!!

    Ironically, as we both have no children to take care of us, maybe this is actually OUR future !?!

    ( in my case I have 3 nephews whose careers I have generously supported, but I am sure they will completely forget their UNCLE once advancing in their own lives, ha ha ha )

    Of course, my personal challenge is to remain independent and active in gym, preferably living for 100 years, but in any case just one day dying instantly like of a heart attack (maybe pulling weights, ha ha ha). I certainly do not want to proceed on to a dependent and/or vegetable phase of life.

    Yours VERY Cheerfully (these are not morbid thoughts, just harsh reality)


    • Hello Anthony , the clip was great ! There was a lot of feelings involved in that robot child. Yes, perhaps our kids will be like him ! Since You support the idea of having a cyborg or bionic body to enhance your life span up to 100 years old so You can be a witness of the landing of the man in mars You can also support the idea of having many kids like this robot with capable of exhibiting feelings. As a matter of fact, dogs have exhibit better loyalty capabilities than humans, If robots and artificial intelligence keep evolving at this rate their feelings will be superior than those of their creators !

      Cheers !

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